University of Otago Robertson Library


A functional state of the art complex


The Bill Robertson Library is an impressive looking building located between Union Street and Leith Stream. Constructed on the site of the original library, the building is now a functional state of the art complex, boasting a new level 2 extension, an impressive entrance portico, and central atrium. The base load of the building is satisfied by a combination of heating water (fed from the campus district heating system) and chilled water from a new air cooled chiller located on the roof.


A heat recovery, variable refrigerant volume air conditioning system, provides additional heating and cooling where needed.


The above equipment, plus various ducted supply and extract ventilation systems, and hot and cold water services, were installed by Atmos Engineering as part of a $1.5 million mechanical services contract, completed with main contractor Naylor Love for the University of Otago.


Despite significant design changes, including a complete new wing, the building was completed on time and to a high standard, and Atmos were pleased to add this project to the list of University complexes with which the company has been involved with over the years.